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Last night, RZA's international assistent and artist/producer Cilvaringz received a statement per email from RZA regarding the latest claims by Wu-Tang Clan member U-God as surfaced earlier on MTV (Click here to read the original article)

Furthermore he also commented on the rumors of Wu-Tang Clan joining Dr.Dre's Aftermath Records and Cappadonna's claims of mistreat by the clan which surfaced a couple of weeks ago.

Hereunder you will find the raw and uncut email directly from RZA. Please look past the grammatical mistakes, we did not change a word so that you may receive the full unedited message.


I can't believe u god would twist the truth like that and make himself look like he was mistreated by me or any wu member. As far as no wu tang lp. It is obvious with mentallities such as his existing how can a unified wutang campaign come about inclusive of all members. I the Rza will raise the flag when the time is right, and that's when all minds and will submit to one.

U godzilla has a distorted memory of the wu and his involvement. And for him to state that I dealt with seperation is blasphemous, for it was my focus on unity that made us strong and successful. I don't deal with seperation nor unrighteousness amongst my peers or my enemies. I deal with freedom justice and equality. Our life is a reflection of our own acts and deeds, who can a man blame besides himself for his personal mishap. Unless someone directly or indirectly inflict their will on you. The blame lies on self. Especially when you come in the name of god as in u god. I don't usally like commenting on family affairs because I believe it should remain internal. Yet due to the recent slander of my name by godzilla and cappa its only right that I clear away some of the fog of confusion and falsehood that they are advocating.

If we reflect back on history I recall ugod only having 4 bars on protect ya neck. He then had to serve some time incarcerated. Many people felt he should be cut from the team but I being the final voice insisted he remain. In the interim of that single to the release of the first album many homies, family members and fans felt ugod was a weak link, I was constantly being approach by people advocating this but I laughed it off because I had faith in him and love for him. I recall his skill level being far behind the other members because jail makes you stiff and less fluent. Just as it was when o d b first came home. Still I kept him in the rankings and made sure he ate a equal amount that the rest enjoyed even though he was barely present on the early product. So when he claims that he was pushed to the side or made a slave he is only frabricating lies and using a bias distorted form of our history.

The members who had solo projects had them because they were the ones who the public and the industry was feeling at the time. The deals were being offered for the more prominent members. Yet I informed u god that when the time comes he will get his shine just as everyone else because everyone gets their time to shine, but one must patient as well as persistent and determined. 50 cent is a prime example. As time went on he regained his flow and began to shine a little brighter but he also devlope an what some have called a grumpy attitude and that made him hard to deal with in some eyes. No one would offer him a recording deal. It wasn't until I put the money up my self from wutang records did he get a chance for a solo album. And my company spent well over 1 and half mil on him in advances and videos and promo. With more than half that going is his pocket. In fact his unrecoupement crippled my label. So where is the slavery at. Look at songs like chez chez la ghost and grav!
el pit those were attempts to put him out there more and build his shine. After that if he was ordained to have more success it wouldve shown thru.

I can write a book of truth on the ins and out of the wu family and people will truthfully see who head got lost in music. I have not built an illusionary ego from this music game. I travell around the world breaking bread with most famous artist to the basic homeless mc. And treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
If anyone has any questions, hit me up on the site www.wutangcorp.com.

And as far as the aftermath union.
The Rza and Dr dre. Both agree its a great idea creatively and historically and are now working out the business aspect. The idea originated with o d b and later brought to the table by the recording industry giant Jimmy Iovine.

This is my response to ugods statements. There is much more I can say but I rather say it in person to ugod and any other challenger of truth to what I manifested into this world of hip hop. You can forward this to mtv as well.

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