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U-God was invited to speak on the much talked about MTV article that saw the light of day a few days ago (See: [nburl=http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/rza/news/show/428/]RZA responds to U-God and clears Aftermath rumor[/nburl]) on Sway’s morning show, Renegade Radio, at Hot 97.

After dealing with a couple of general questions from callers it was time to talk about the slavery allegations and the separation between U-God and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan especially RZA, Raekwon and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. "When you’re dealing with a group of magnitude you have got to understand that sometimes he might not knew what he [RZA] was doing or saying but I can recall him saying that this guy is better than this guy and this guy is better than that guy and this guy is better than that guy. And that also deals with separation. We are all as one and really nobody is better than nobody. Basically, we are here all for a cause. But he might be caught up in drama situation the way it was."

Of course he wasn’t just on the air to talk about RZA and the Clan, but also about his upcoming project. This will be a compilation album of his new group The Hillside Scramblers. This album will be released March 16th and is named Ugodz-illa Presents The Hillside Scramblers. Hot 97 played a couple of singles such as Chipping It, Chop It. A DVD is also said to be coming out and it’s supposed to contain "juicy inside stories about me and myself dealing with the Wu-Tang. That’s what it’s basically about, my life story. Just growing up in the rap world being with Wu-Tang," according to U-God himself also claiming that this will be juicier than the previous published slavery allegations.

Now of course this is all comes in a timely fashion so Sway had to ask the inevitable question if this is all a publicity stunt or not. U-God confirmed that this is a publicity stunt by saying "Let me tell you the truth man. On the real, it is man. I am keeping it real with you, it is. I’m a real dude."

Sway seemed to be really concerned about this issue with RZA so he had RZA call in so they could talk it out with each other on the air.

RZA told U-God that he was really hurt by his words. "I caught that article that got posted yesterday or the day before. Calling me a devil and unrighteous. We never put our business on the street. That’s first and foremost. That’s not how we get down. And the secondly, your choice of words. You’re saying slavery, devil and unrighteousness and you know you’re dealing with god cipher divine. You know I never deal with separation. My main thing is unity, I’m the one that said we have got to unify to get this world. It’s your choice of words that hurt me. I’m the only one that had your back when the others wasn’t."

At the end RZA and U-God both agreed that they need to iron things out before they will be dropping a new Wu-Tang album. Both closed this issue by saying "Wu-Tang forever." Raekwon seemed to have called in too but he didn’t make the show unfortunately. You can still listen to this interview on the Hot 97 website, here.

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