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After the yesterday announced mixtape Phase 1 from Trife (See: [nburl=http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/ghostfacekillah/news/show/432/]New Trife & Ghostface album[/nburl]) it’s time for more Theodore Unit and Ghostface news coming from Theodore Unit member Wigs. In a short interview he answered questions about himself, his group and Ghostface but also his group he’s also known of namely Othorized Fam. "OTF is still around. You got Trife in Theodore Unit and he’s part of TMF and Wigs is part of OTF. Once we start doing our thing, we all got our own clicks but we are always going to be together. OTF is still around, for sure."

He also confirmed that Jojo Pellegrino is not part of Theodore Unit, unlike some of the rumors lately. The official line-up for the group consists of Wigs, Trife and Solomon Childs. "Then you also got a few more TMF members who be around Theodore Unit and stuff."

Looking into the future, the debut album of the group should be dropping some time in August this year. It’s going to be called The Stapleton Project. Being signed to Starks Enterprises they’ll follow Ghostface’s pattern as far as production is concerned. "No big names, we don't go for big names. Then we are trying to run with just a couple of features, we got enough of our own talent amongst Theodore so we are not going to go too heavy on the features either."

A solo album is also in the works. "It’s nice, in the midst of doing the whole Theodore project I get a chance because I’m pollyin’ with lots of different people to do my own thing." He’s also trying to get R&B singer Eamon, who is also from Staten Island, on his solo album. "I might try to get one of them old rock groups to do something with me and also keep a lot of gritty and underground Hip-Hop on there. It’s tasty though, it’s sweet."

You can catch Wigs on the upcoming Ghostface Killah album, Pretty Toney which is going to be released April 27th on Def Jam / Starks Enterprises. Plus he’ll be on several mixtapes by DJ Kay Slay soon together with the rest of Theodore. Also, you can read the rest of the interview on the forum, here.

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