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Q: Where do you think you rank among today's MCs?

A: Fuck who's the best. Niggas can have the title. I just wanna do what I do, and from that, show and prove where I stand. It's all an illusion anyway. I don't care if this dude sold 10 millon or 11 million. You got Eminem who sold crazy shit. But do niggas look at him as the best rapper? Then again, you got white America that might look at him as the best muthafuckin' rapper.

Q: How do you look at Eminem?

A: I don't look at him as the best. Why, because he sold however many million? Don't get me wrong, he's a nice MC - he can rhyme his ass off. But I'm into pure hip hop. I'm into real shit. You got a handful of niggas out there than can get busy. I don't wanna say no names, 'cause I don't wanna get a lot of other niggas upset.

Q: I know before 50 Cent blew up, you were sniping at each other.

A: Nah, he's doing his thing. It was alll destined. If it wasn't meant for him, then he wouldn't be there. Hopefully, he knows it's a blessing and cherishes it.

Q: Everybody knows 50's story, but it may not be widely known that you've also been locked up for attempted robbery and shot before - once in your neck.

A: Yeah I got shot three times. I've been at group homes, and fuckin' Rikers, and all that other shit. I never been up north though. But he came at the right time, and everything was meant to happen. Plus, what I went through, a lot of people go through in life. I don't put my business out there like that, unless I'm asked. Other than that, I keep everything hush.

Q: When Wu first came out in 1993, New York had the game in a choke hold, aside from Death Row. These days, it's become more regional.

A: New York always had stuff to ourselves. Now we bouncin' and doing all this other shit. Ain't no disrespect, but the average person don't wanna hear lyrics no more. They just wanna shake their ass. So if you wanna play dumb, I can play dumb, too. I'm not gonna bust my brain, actin' like I gotta write a Malcolm X dart, because right now, the people are simpleminded. A wise man can play the part of a fool, but a fool can't play the part of a wise man.

Q: Your song, "All That I Got Is You,", opened up a lot of emotions for people. When you think about your childhood, are they happy or sad thoughts?

A: It's both, "All That I Got Is You" is my life. And don't get it twisted. You might see Ghost half decent, but best believe there are still days when a nigga gotta rock his socks for three days straight. I just had my other pants on for seven days. Don't get me wrong, I showered, but I had to rock my pants out like that. That's why I can write songs how I write them, because I'm a real nigga. I take a shit in front of all my bitches. I don't gotta close the door if I don't want to. I love my women, and I do all that shit to them. See when I love, I love deep, man. And we can laugh, just like we brothers and sisters. Ain't no shame in my game.

Q: I heard you stopped smoking weed last year.

A: I cut all that out. I might take a few drinks here and there. I've been in the sober world.

Q: A lot of people have tried weed, but not that many people have smoked dust. How did it make you feel?

A: [Chuckles] Dust is one of the best highs I ever had. We used to call it a bag of "wet", or let's go get "flusty" -- another word for dusted, "flustered". That'll shit'll hit you like, bingo, after a few pulls. Staten Island was the "wet" capital. But fuck drugs, because they keep you off balance. It takes our minds off the real shit until it wears off. I know how to make the right decisions without being stagnated.

Q: What would it take to start a movement to change hip hop?

A: If we all vouched to do it for the babies. If you're not willing to put down that burner for your babies, that means you don't give a fuck about your seeds or my seeds. Then fuck you! It's niggas like you I still gotta keep holding my toast for. If niggas all agreed to leave the gangsta shit alone for a couple years, that might be the sprout of a revolution.

Q: I don't think too many people would want to change what makes them successful.

A: No they won't. Because niggas ain't creative enough to just rhyme to rhyme. Tell stories, man! What happened to "Can I Kick It?". Let's have fun again. Everything is too serious. Fuck talking about guns. The nigga that's amped off your shit is the one that'll blast you in the street. And you wonder why he blasted you! That's the seed you planted, muthafucka! We got a gift, man. We got a tool, and that tool is the fuckin' radio. We ain't here just to be here.

Q: So what is your purpose?

A: To serve the Father. I'm here to do what makes Him happy. I did a lot of bad shit in my life -- punchin' niggas in they mouths, robbin' 'em, shootin' niggas for bullshit. But, I did a lot of good, too -- my scale is balanced out. Pardon me for whatever I did on this planet, but I was a product of my environment. And I just bent with the times here and there, but no disrespect, I still gave what I had to give to You.

Q: You almost sound like a minister.

A: I am a minister in my own way. I know this world right here is hectic. It's a battle going on between God and the Devil. And I'm just standing for righteousness. God made right before He made left, so that's my path.

Q: If you could go anywhere now, where would you go?

A: I'd go straight to heaven, man.

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