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INDIEgo Promotions is proud to announce we will be promoting the latest release from U-God, one of the key players in the Wu-Tang Clan. We have agreed to a National promotional campaign in radio, retail and press as well as a National distribution deal with our sister company, Synergy Distribution (a division of The Synergy Media Group). We caught up with U-God recently to discuss his latest venture and get the inside scoop on what he has been up to.

How did you originally get into music?
Well, that is hard to say, exactly.I have been in the industry for 10 years now. I have been doing music since I was 15. RZA helped out a lot. Loud Records was the first company, Steve was willing to give us a shot. Once it was out there, America absorbed it.

Significant obstacles you have had to overcome?
With the group, I could never be #1, there were so many other stars. In a nine-man group, it is hard to shine and I feel like I never got my shot. With my solo career, I am trying to find my place. With my first solo release, it never really got to the masses. The release kind of was a stab in the heart, the company we were working with went bankrupt, and we never had a marketing strategy and didn’t have the support of a label. With this latest release, I feel I have complete control over what happens.

Where are you going with this album?
With this album, I have gathered a compilation of new talent I came across...the best of the best, best lyricist, New York’s finest, and put them on one CD. I am trying to build an Organization..trying to build my Label, this is my stepping-stone. My goal is to bring back raw talent /authentic hip-hop. People have forgotten about real talent. It is always who has the most money behind an artist.

What’s up with this DVD?
The DVD is more or less me telling the turmoil’s I went through with Wu-Tang. I was tired of everyone asking me the same questions, so I put it on the DVD to answer all the questions once and for all.

How is solo different from Wu-Tang?
I love solo. I get to flex my wings. I can do whatever I want to do, when I want to. My wings are too big for the cage. Now I can sink my teeth into the beat. You get to feel my aura. I can fly like a bird.

I see you guys have plans to tour and record again in 2004. How do you feel your solo career will affect, benefit, hurt your career with Wu-Tang?
It ain’t gunna hurt. Everyone in the group is doing their own thing now. We contributed so much to the music business. We hope to get together to tour and record but right now we are all working on our solo stuff.

Is any of the clan on this new album? If not, who are The Hillside Scramblers?
NO, all brand new talent. The Hillside Scramblers are the new blood of Staten Island Rappers. Notorious villains who I know have talent. I am trying to give them a shot to get out of what they are involved in and give them the chance I was given.

Who was the producer?
The producers were Leatherface and Homicide.

Who are you most influenced by?
I’d love to put everyone up on there. Some many people influence me. Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Jon Bon Jovi, Barry Manilow, Cool Mo-D, Curtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Slick Rick.

What CD is in your stereo right now?
Tony Bennett- Greatest Hits, Hall and Oates- Greatest Hits, R Kelly-Chocolate Factory, George Michael and Culture Club.

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