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Waiting for a Wu-Tang Clan reunion? Don't hold your breath - 2004-04-28 08:16:50

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Any hope of hearing new music from the Wu-Tang Clan seems to be decreasing by the day. And if you ask Method Man or Ghostface for the reason why, you're likely to get conflicting, ambiguous answers.

"How is there going to be a reunion when we've never broken up," Method Man asked incredulously. "All the people that run [in] the streets [are] up on me now, 'When's the new Wu coming out?' Where was y'all two albums ago when we had Wu albums coming out and nobody was checking or going to the stores to buy that?"

When pressed, he said Wu-Tang can record again "as soon as brothers get their stuff together. Because I'm not going in the studio to make a half-ass album just because of public demand."

If Meth seemed to be avoiding the question, his Wu brother Ghostface, who just released his third solo record, The Pretty Toney Album, was less than vague when apprised of Meth's comments.

"That's my brother and all that, that's my people, I love him," explained Ghost. "But it's like ... if he don't want to do that, then yo, you ain't gotta do it. It's like, yo, all this TV stuff man, I don't be frontin' in front of the camera. So it's like yo, you might as well be like, 'I'm not down.' So make it official. Wu can either break up or try to keep on moving on. Ain't no time for all that little sideways stuff."

In November there was speculation that the Wu-Tang Clan were planning to raise up the flag and join forces again. These latest comments by two of Wu's most prominent members seem to indicate that despite the best efforts of those who'd like to see the influential rap crew record again, it'll be a while before that happens, if it happens at all.

Ghost seemed personally frustrated with the are-they-or-aren't-they banter of recent months. He offered up his own solution to stop the speculation.

"If you don't want to be down with this — and this goes for any Wu-Tang Clan member — we can make this and put this live on TV and let the people see that he's not down, or he's not down, or he's not down," Ghost said. "So we don't keep leaving the people in suspense. It's not fair."

Written by Joseph Patel for MTV

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