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[Update] Wu-Tang Corp. becomes a construction zone - 2004-05-21 04:29:57

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This month some radical changes will happen to Wu-Tang Corp. For instance, we are installing a new forum system which is going to be more powerful, faster an will have more features than the current one.

Because the whole site depends on the current forums login system we will need to make site-wide changes and it's going to be quite possible that some pages will become unavailable for some time.

Not only the forum and the login system will be changed, also the rest of the site will be modified for a better user experience. So now is the perfect time to complain about certain issues that you would like to see fixed or just requests of what you want on the website. Please post them below.

It's not sure when the construction period is over but it's probably going to take a month for everything to be finished. It's quite possible that you will see less updates to the site over the month. Don't worry, we're not dead... we're just working hard behind the scenes. So for updates, check the [nburl=http://www.wutangcorp.com/forum/]forum[/nburl] from time to time.

Update: Hmm I should have known when asking requestions I would get tons of replies with people wanting high quality videos. With the sites current budget this is NEVER going to happen. It's impossible to have every video Wu-Tang has ever released in high quality to be online. We only focus one new one and the reason for the Windows Media Player file format is because they're downloadable by nearly every visitor and not just the 30% that has a broadband connection.

Also we will continue to give you new mp3s, but you can't expect us to put whole albums online. That's legally not permitted and let's not talk about the bandwidth issues we would get.

I am open for suggestions but please make sure they're realistic.


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