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First of all, on behalf of all the fans and Wu-Tang Corp, we would like to congratulate The RZA on his new born baby son who was brought into the world at 8.3 pounds yesterday.

RZA, who has been living in LA for a while since he departed New York last year, has been busy in the studio working on various Wu-Tang projects.

First of all, there's good news about Cuban Linx [Part II]. While various producers, including Dr.Dre and Nottz have laced Raekwon with beats for the highly anticipated album, it is The RZA who will now be responsible for 90% of the production. Other good news is that all of the Wu-Tang Clan members have returned to their infamous Wu-Gambinos characters for the album including GZA/Genius as Maximillion who has been recording many songs with Raekwon lately. Busta Rhymes is still involved as an executive producer.

Another special appearance on Cuban Linx [Part II] comes from Red Hot Chilli Pepper guitarist John Frusciante who has been camping in RZA's studio for a few days. RZA and John reportedly recorded five beats together but where they will end up remains uncertain. Daron Malakian, guitarist of System Of A Down has also been in RZA's studio for a few days recording up to 10 songs with RZA.

Method Man is back in the lab writing after recording 8 tracks with RZA. There's no word on his release yet. On a brighter side, Inspectah Deck has been in LA recording with RZA after a 3 year break from working with eachother. Masta Killa is finishing up his second album with at least 5 beats produced by Bronze Nazareth.

On the movie side of things we can report that RZA will defenitly start shooting his movie 'The Man With The Iron Fist' in October. The movie will be a tribute to the old school Shaw Brothers movies that inspired the Wu-Tang Clan in their early days. One of the 'Five Deadly Venoms' actors is scheduled to make an appearance in the movie. More information is to follow...

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