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Ghostface: New York Lost The Crown - 2006-05-09 06:30:30

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Ghostface's Fishscale Album sold over 100.000 units in it's first week. On Prefix magazine he gave an interesting interview about the status quo of his hometown New York.

"New York lost the crown because the New York deejays gave the crown away for some fucking money. New York be bullshitting. Right know, I say fuck New York. Yeah, I’m from New York, but fuck New York. Because niggas is pussy. They is so quick to jump on the next man’s dick and can’t even deal with what they got in front of they face.

That’s why I respect other states, man. New York, I don’t know -- for some reason we started to get really soft. And now we act like we want that real hip-hop back, when our fucking deejays is only programmed to play what they playing. They playing more other people’s shit than our own shit. Niggas is screaming that real hip-hop -- we trying to bring it back but we can’t even play that real hip-hop on the radio.

I knew New York was wack when they shot my man Amadou Diallo forty-one fucking times and ain’t nobody stand up. But if that shit happen in L.A. somewhere, they would have went to bat for Amadou Diallo. It would have been hell. Stores getting burnt the fuck up. New York don’t stand for nothing. They say if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. But we mad at ourselves and can’t even get our shit right. When you look at them other niggas’ videos, they popping off and having fun in there. We can’t even have fun amongst each other in New York. That’s why I say fuck New York. That’s real talk coming from Ghostface Killah.

Find the complete interview on www.prefixmag.com

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