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We are glad to announce Cilvaringz recently finished mastering his debut album `I´ and is already in talks with USA as well as European labels.

Keep checking the site for an exclusive Trailer featuring unreleased footage and snippets from the album altogether.

For those who cannot wait, you can listen to the following snippet of `Man, Woman & Child´, produced by Cilvaringz and Bronze Nazareth.
However, this song is not scheduled for the upcoming album.

The album features six Wu-Tang Clan members and exclusive production by Wu-Tang Producers RZA, True Master, 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth, Moon, Barracuda & Allah Mathematics.

The album comes with two extra features, the first one being an enhanced CD-Rom including:

* All Song Lyrics
* All Song Exordiums (further explanations to the songs)
* Extensive Personal Biography
* Arap (Cilvaringz new Arabic Hiphop formation - Incl. sampler)
* Thank Yous

The album also comes with a bonus one hour DVD which will include the following chapters:

* Documentary: The Cilvaringz / RZA World Tour [33 countries]
* In The Studio..
* Interviews With Cilvaringz & RZA
* The Making Of Chi Kung Video
* The Road To Egypt with Cilvaringz & RZA
* Anecdotes
* Inside The Wu-Wear Warehouse
* Memorable Moments
* Deleted Scenes
* Full Live Performance [Reims, France]
* Live With The Wu-Tang Clan [Amsterdam, Holland]
* Photo Gallery
* Shout Outs

Here's the tentative tracklisting (subject to minor changes):

01) Poison Ring Chamber [intro]
02) Wu-Tang Martial Expert feat. RZA
03) The Weeping Tiger feat. Chef Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & RZA
04) Sheherezad, My Beloved - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
05) "Death To America"
06) In The Name Of Allah feat. RZA, Method Man, Masta Killa, Shabazz & Killah Priest
07) Jewels feat. GZA/Genius
08) Christ & Judas... [skit]
09) Brothers Ain't Brothers
10) Blazing Saddles feat. Killarmy
11) Caravanserai - Chapter I [skit] feat. Chef Raekwon
12) Damascus
13) Caravanserai - Chapter II [skit] feat. Chef Raekwon & Salah Edin
14) Two Missed Calls... [interlude] feat. Pharell Williams & Ne-Yo
15) Dart Tournament feat. Killa Sin & Blue Raspberry
16) The Saga
17) Forever Michael [Wacko Tablo]
18) Elephant Juice
19) Deaf, Dumb & Blind
20) Warriors & Poets... [skit]
21) Valentine Day Massacre feat. 9th Prince, 62nd Assassin & Shabazz
22) Poison Ring Chamber [outro] feat. Method Man

The album is scheduled to be released by a variety of record labels around the world by September 2006 [Tentative].

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