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Method Man - 4:21 The Day After - 2006-08-10 08:33:20

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"I called my album 4:21 The Day After, because 4/21 is the day after national weed smoking day—its a moment of clarity. Four plus two plus one equals seven, which is a godly number. I smoked weed while I was writing, but I dont celebrate marijuana on this album."


This Wu-Tang member finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. The man, the myth, the Method sits down with FHM to talk about his marital woes, ODBs outrageous club antics and a tactless reviewer who earned an ass whupping...

Music critics
"This album was inspired by tactless reviewers. They tried to assassinate my character instead of reviewing my last album—they’d rather talk about what I did in Hollywood or who I had sex with or tell me that I’m not ghetto enough. Once, a Wu Tang member punched a writer in the face because the article’s illustration made us look like gay cartoon characters."

Marital woes
"You do your best writing when bad shit happens to you. My wife was sick, but she beat it. But then she and I stopped getting along, and we got separated. It was over other women. I was stupid—and thats why Im now sleeping at the studio."

SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs
"When I wasn’t recording, I was playing SOCOM on PS2 online. I’m in a clan and we go around and murder people for fun. Sometimes other players say, "You sound like Method Man. They figure out who I am. Their friends will say, ‘Stop dick-ridin’—leave the dude alone."

Judge Mathis
"Judge Mathis is real and he’s raw. He’s way better than Judge Judy. Many years back, a judge tried to lock my ass up for drug possession. Can you tell the State of New York to send me my paperwork, please? They’re supposed to give you your mug shots and your record back if you stay out of trouble."

"One song has a verse by Dirty. Once, in a Miami club, we were about to go on and I went to the bar to get some water. I saw a crowd and there was Ol Dirty, getting brain from a bitch. He was talking to people and they were egging him on: "Go! Go!" ODB aint give a fuck"


01. Intro
02. Is It Me (prod. by Scott Storch)
03. Problem (prod. by Erick Sermon)
04. Somebody Done Fucked Up (prod. by Havoc)
05. Shaolin Soldier (Skit)
06. Fall Out (prod. by Kwame)
07. DirtyMef (Ft O.D.B.) (prod. by Erick Sermon & Mathematics)
08. 420 (ft Streetlife & Carlton Fisk) (prod. by RZA & Beretta 9)
09. Lets Ride (ft Ginuwine) (prod. by Mr. Porter)
10. Glide (ft Raekwon & La The Darkman) (prod. by RZA)
11. Kids (Skit)
12. Say (prod. by Erick Sermon)
13. Ya Meen (ft Fat Joe & Styles P) (prod. by The Charman of the Boards)
14. Konichiwa Bitches (prod. by RZA)
15. Everything (ft Inspectah Deck, Streetlife) (prod. by Mathematics)
16. Walk On (ft Redman) (prod. by Versatile)
17. Pimpin (Skit)
18. Presidential M.C. (ft Raekwon & The Rza) (prod. by RZA)
19. 4eva (ft Megan Rochell) (prod. by Kwame)
*Bonus track*
20. O.D.

Method Mans album 4:21 The Day After is out August 29 on Def Jam. Click here to discuss this in the forum.

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