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Blue Sky Black Death, the renowned production duo of Kingston & Young God, present the highly anticipated debut LP from Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Holocaust. Sharing a penchant for tasteful instrumental hip-hop and traditional underground emcees, Blue Sky Black Death have collaborated with and/or produced for the likes of Guru (Gang Starr), Sabac Red (Non-Phixion), Jus Allah, Virtuoso, Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers), Rob Sonic, Chief Kamachi amongst many others. Holocaust, similarly, has experienced his share of critical fanfare and career accolades, prominently featured on the RZAs classic album Bobby Digital, fans have long anticipated a solo offering from this underground mainstay. The debut exhibits The Holocausts verbal ingenuity and penchant for visceral imagery, serving as a validation of his widely acknowledged underground legacy.

Blue Sky Black Death presents: The Holocaust is an unprecedented pairing of some of indie hip-hops most original and promising new talent. Dropping on Babygrande, the album is now available.


1. Plunder
2. Twilight Zone
3. We Are All Well Known
4. What Can the Matter Be
5. God Be with You
6. Monarchs
7. No Image
8. Ocean
9. Sinister
10. Smoking Room
11. Lady of the Birds
12. Worst
13. Killer Moth
14. Wing to Wingfeather
15. Crash

Check the Official site for some samplers from the album.

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