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Finally the All Star Collection Box is finished. It’s long overdue but the disc will be released in two weeks. The plan was to release a 10 year anniversary album with Cilvaringz and the rest of Moonlight. A lot of the beats that were used on that album were sold to Ghostface Killah and others. That’s the main reason why they had to redo this album and why it’s too late. This is the new version and it also features new talent that isn’t part of Moonlight but they want to give them a chance to shine. Some of the names sound familiar: Jim Bond, Dots & Seven Wounds.

Because of the delays Cilvaringz might add some bonus tracks. The collaboration album 2 Champions Of Shaolin by Bronze Nazareth & Moongod Allah will be released soon after this one.

The album is produced by Moongod Allah, Cilvaringz, Dots, Kevlaar, Origin, Jim Bond and Seven Wounds. The executive producers are Cilvaringz & Moongod Allah. It contains old an new songs ranging from 1998 til 2002.

You can still order it at http://surf.to/trilogyofswords

01 : Cilvaringz - In The Beginning… (1992)
02 : Moongod Allah - The Essence (2002)
03 : Seven Wounds - Cobalt (2002)
04 : Fraze, Cilvaringz & Moongod Allah - Gang Bang Rock (2001)
05 : Dots ft. Messalina - The Art Of Sacrificing (2002)
06 : Feathers - Nothing Left To Say… (2002)
07 : Iron Eagle - Struggle For Higher Purpose (1999)
08 : Henshmen & Draztik - Panic Stricken (1999)
09 : Seven Wounds & Malachi & Lazarus - Satchell Paige (2002)
10 : Most High - Rolling (2001)
11 : Iron Eagle & Youngun - Money Makes It Worthwile (1999)
12 : Henshmen & Draztik - Collaboration Killaz (1999)
13 : Roze Peddle ft. Moongod Allah & Ganz - Souls For Sale (2002)
14 : Dots - Have Your Way (2002)
15 : Moonlight Camp ’98 - 099 (1998)
16 : Cilvaringz - In The Ending… (2002)

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