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Interview with Stone Mecca on Wu-International - 2007-03-18 01:14:57

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Around this time last year, Wu-International interviewed Wu-Tang's latest sensation, Stone Mecca and got a little glimpse of what the group was about and since then they have been hard at work putting finishing touches to their debut project "Stone Mecca: First Contact" scheduled to be released sometime this year. Early this year, super producer and Wu-Tang Clan's own RZA released the Afro Samurai soundtrack and had people all excited and talking again as the fans got a first hand taste of Stone Mecca's potential and what they have to offer. Stone Mecca had arguably 2 of the best songs ("Oh" and "The Walk") on the Afro Samurai soundtrack without taking anything away from the rest of the good songs on that compilation, listen for yourself, read the reviews, nothing less than pure genius, one can't help but anticipate greatly what more the group had in store.

Since the group was introduced a number of changes and developments have taken place, still consisting of Trú James and Salakida, new names such as Allen Anthony formerly of Christion (Rocafella Records), and Wendy Marie have been included, Wu-International caught up with singer/songwriter and main producer of the group Trú James to find out what's Stone Mecca has been cooking up, progress with their album, direction of the group and more.. Enjoy the whole interview on Wu-International.com!

source: Wu-International.com

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