Method Man and Redman start their STILL HIGH tour today - 2008-11-05 02:34:05

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Method Man and Redman reunite to kick off their “Still High” tour today. The tour hits 27 cities all over the US so far. Their first album, 1999’s Blackout!, set the illustrious duo apart as one of the most innovative and exciting duos in hip hop history. Now Method Man & Redman are prepping for “Blackout 2” which is scheduled to be released in December.


Here are the tour dates:

Nov 04 2008-10:00 pm Roseland Mef And Red - Portland, Oregon
Nov 05 2008-10:00 pm Sodu Mef And Red - Seattle, Washington
Nov 06 2008-10:00 pm Humbold St. Univ Mef And Red Arcata
Nov 07 2008-10:00 pm Grand Ballroom Mef And Red San Fransicso, California
Nov 08 2008-10:00 pm The Catalyst Mef And Red Santa Cruz, California
Nov 09 2008-10:00 pm The Dome Mef And Red Petaluma, California
Nov 11 2008-8:00 pm Mef & Red- House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA
Nov 13 2008-10:00 pm Canes Mef And Red San Diego, California
Nov 14 2008-10:00 pm Marquee Theater Mef And Red Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 15 2008-10:00 pm Sunshine Theatre Mef And Red Albuquerque, New Mexico
Nov 16 2008-10:00 pm House Of Blues Mef and Red Dallas, Texas
Nov 18 2008-10:00 pm Stubbs Waller Creek Mef And Red Austin, Texas
Nov 19 2008-10:00 pm House Of Blues MEF and RED Houston, Texas
Nov 21 2008-10:00 pm Georgia Theatre Mef And Red Athens, Georgia
Nov 22 2008-8:00 pm The Orange Peel Mef And Red Asheville, North Carolina
Nov 23 2008-9:00 pm Cats Cradle Mef And Red Carrboro, North Carolina
Nov 25 2008-10:00 pm Norva Theatre Mef And Red Norfolk, Virginia
Nov 26 2008-10:00 pm 930 club Mef And Red Washington, Washington DC
Nov 28 2008-8:00 pm Stone Pony Mef And Red Asbury Park, New Jersey
Nov 29 2008-8:00 pm Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 02 2008-8:00 pm SONAR BALLROOM NEW DATE Baltimore, Maryland
Dec 03 2008-8:00 pm TOADS PLACE NEW DATE Richmond, Virginia
Dec 04 2008-8:00 pm Higher Ground Burlington, Vermont
Dec 05 2008-8:00 pm PALLADIUM WORCESTER, Massachusetts
Dec 09 2008-8:00 pm ALBUM RELEASE WORLDWIDE, New York
Dec 10 2008-8:00 pm TOADS PLACE New Haven, Connecticut
Dec 12 2008-8:00 pm LUPOS Providence, Rhode Island

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